Friday, January 7, 2011

Update on my Resolutions...

So I thought I would write and update you all on how my new years resolutions are going.

    * My loosing weight one is going well. I haven't weighed myself lately but I have been drinking tea or juice (mostly tea) instead of soda. I went to the store after the first because my food stamps came in. I bought string cheese, yogurt, peanuts, and some dried fruit. I am eating these as snacks at work and school. I still eat one hot pocket before class on Tuesday and Thursday but not for my break at work. I am also choosing to eat smaller portions for supper. We usually don't get home from school until 11pm or so. I know its not good to eat right before bed but by that time I'm starving. So I'm trying to eat less at least. We have been cooking A LOT with the crockpot and are loving it.  

    * For the other two resolutions, I haven't gotten too far with either of these. I still need to find a some books. An acquaintance has said she has a couple of books for me to read but we haven't been able to work it out yet for me to get them. I haven't had time to look anywhere else.

      So that is the update on my resolutions. I'm going to try to update about once a month as to how I am doing.

    Love & Peace

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  1. Oh my! What can I say? We often focus on fixing the things we dislike about ourselves. OK, I'm nearly 65 and it is not likely that I have changed much over the years by trying to fix things. Changes have happened none-the-less. Usually, they happen quite naturally as we begin to understand things that are holding us back and finally avoid doing those things. But lately, I have found a more powerful change force. 1) love yourself. If you love yourself, you will look for those things that will make you stronger and more healthy mentally and physically. 2)stop trying to fix the "bad" things and focus on nourishing the good things in you.

    If you are like me, you groan and ask, "What good things?" Well rejoice! Now you have a plan of sorts. The plan is to spend some time each day taking a brief inventory of the parts of yourself that are good. When I had my teen-aged son, I realized that I had been focusing on all of his failures. I promised my self that everyday I would find 3 things that he did good and I would praise him. Things started to turn around and I watched his self-esteem start to correct itself.

    So, promise your self that everyday you will find 3 hings to praise yourself over. Then think about the ways and times you can practice that good thing more often. You will soon see your self esteem turnaround.

    Be aware though: you will have setbacks. then praise yourself for trying, pick up the pieces and get back on the job.