Sunday, January 9, 2011


As seen commented on my post about the cat being locked out of the bedroom, I got another cat litter box and put it in the bedroom. I am hoping that by being able to be in the bedroom, Elijah will be happier and can enjoy his time in there. The door will still be left open (it is blocked off with the doggy gate), so if he chooses to come out he can. Though he probably won't. At least he will hopefully poop in the box not on the bed. THANKS Shannon for the Litter Box!!!

I weighed myself today and have not lost any weight yet. I only plan to weigh myself once a week so not to become obsessed but to also keep tabs on where I'm at.

Mary and I took Wyatt for a nice walk today. Down one side of the street to the light, back up the street and then went on around the block and back. We would like to and are looking forward to doing more of these walks and to get our speed faster and length longer. Wyatt is tuckered out sleeping on the couch. He's such a sweet little guy!

Tonight we plan to have Turkey Meat Loaf (homemade by the awesome cook [Mary] in the house). Then to play some Wizard 101 and possibly watch a movie though I'm not sure we can fit all of that in.

That is the extent of my day!

Love & Peace

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