Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...

Happy New Year Everyone!

Usually I am one of those people who thinks about setting New Year's Resolutions but than never do. Other times I set the resolutions but don't actually follow through. This year I want to actually follow through. Instead of looking at the list as New Year's Resolutions, I want to look at them as life changes to better myself and who I am. If I don't complete them, its not the end of the world and I'm not a failure. I will just need to start over and try harder next time.

So far I only have a couple major things I want to work on this year.

1) Get my weight down to 175 lbs. That means loosing a total of 65 lbs. I believe this is doable. We have a dog now who loves to go on walks. We bought a crock-pot for Christmas which is better cooking then eating out all the time. My biggest downfall is drinking soda or other  fattening beverages instead of water. I would really like to start taking Tea with me instead of soda all the time. I have a friend who puts tea bags in her water bottle at school and drinks it in class. She just puts it in cold water. So my plan is to try this and see how it goes.

2) Work on my self-worth and confidence. This one I'm a little more worried about as I don't have any definite ideas of how to change this. They say you are supposed to tell yourself positive things, but if you don't actually believe these, how do say them to yourself? Read self help books maybe? I need some first, money to get them and time to read them. I have a lot of time to read them but I get distracted with the computer and other things. I put things off until the last minute or until its too late. I need to work on who I am versus who I want to be, and where I want to be in my life.

3) Procrastination. Just thought of this one and thought I should add this to my list. I am also not exactly sure how I need to do this one. Sometimes I think I do better on things when I procrastinate, and wait for the last minute.

So there are my three life changing things I need to work on this year. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share.

Love & Peace


  1. Rae Ann, Sounds awesome and doable. About the books, just go to the library and check them out that way you don't have to own them, take notes on them if you need to remember something.

    That is my one big piece of advice. Good Luck and I'm pulling for you.

    love, arline

  2. Well, I don't make resolutions. I find myself just pondering the fact that we are having a new year. And am curuios what it will bring. I just try and make decisions that will be good for me or changes I need to make as I go through the year and then when the new year comes I just think about all those things that I learned or gained or experienced. Then I just get up the next morning and start another day. Can't think about a whole year. : )

  3. Hi RaeAnn, it's Shannon again. I just wanted to tell you I am a copycat. I like your blog and it inspired me to start one, which means I can follow you,which I think is good. :) see you later!