Sunday, June 12, 2011

Envying the Simple Life...

The prior post I posted kind of leads to wanting this but they are about total different issues/ideas so they deserved separate posts. 

So Mary and I have been talking this last weekend about a different type of lifestyle. I'm not sure how it would work yet as we need to do a ton of research first.
I am tired of the complex life and brought this thought up to Mary last night. We have been talking about it since.
So I was thinking that since I want a simpler life, it would be neat to save up some money and buy an RV to live in. We would rent a spot at an RV park, which I think would be cheaper then an apartment (again working on the research). This would enable us to be able to save more money. Once we had enough money saved we would buy a plot of land just outside of whatever town we wanted to be close too. Once the land was payed off, we would start saving to build our own small house.
Right now I'm tired of the complex life. I want things to be simpler. I'm not sure how much Mary is on this same path with me, but the way we are both talking, I think she might be. We have a friend T, who right now doesn't have a specific place to stay, who lives life very simply. He is talking about traveling and hiking some of the trails around the area. I envy anyone who is able to live a simple life and would love to do this myself. I'm tired of all the static that comes with such complicated life. I need peace in my life and a simpler life would help with that.

So what we need to research or do...
1)Cost of RV parks, on a monthly basis
2) Cost of RVs
3) Cost of vehicles (ours isn't running). We would need a running vehicle before the RV
4) Need full time jobs
5) Get rid of or sell our extra crap we don't need
6) And much, much more I can't think of at the moment

Not sure if or when all of this will happen. Obviously we have to work on the job thing first, so we can save some money. Once money is saved things will flow more readily.

Love & Peace

This Morning...WHEW!

So about mid morning I took Wyatt down for a potty break. There were two sheriff cars in the parking lot of our complex, talking to about 15 or so of the residents. I asked one lady what was going on and she said that someone had thrown dog poop in the pool and the manager refused to clean the pool, besides take the poop out, and yet wouldn't close the pool. {When Mary and I went to look with other residents later, there are still remnants of poop in there}.
I went back upstairs and told Mary what was going on. We left Wyatt upstairs and went down to hear the rest of the story. The manager has marked cars that have passes to park here, to be towed. The other day he put a note on everyone's door that everyone has to clean every thing up, including things like welcome mats, ash trays, and things on the deck that should be OK to be there.  This note on top of everything else is setting people here off. Along with the poop incident, someone has been throwing piles of cigarette butts on the grounds around the property, and I'm sure more is about to happen. Someone put a note on everyone's door today about the manager and the pool saying they are going to be calling Health and Human Services tomorrow morning, which I think is a good thing.
Mary and I moved in here April 2009. This is the fourth manager we have had since moving in here. It seems like every manager they get, the complex goes farther and farther down hill. I don't know where the owner finds the inept managers but he needs to start looking somewhere else. He is not finding any winners.
The thing that worries me the most is that its going to go so far down hill, that it will go out of business and we will be screwed out of a home. We don't have money to go anywhere else right now.
So that is the extent of this morning.... which leads me to my next blog.

Love & Peace

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Since today is the first of the month, my old bus pass is invalid, so I had to scrounge up change for the bus today. When I went to get on the bus, the change machine was broken so the bus driver couldn't give me a pass and told me I would have to get a pass at the Max Station. So I said ok and sat down. This girl next to me who was getting off at the next stop, reached over and handed me her bus stop. I offered to pay her for it and she said no that's ok I'm getting off up here anyways. So I didn't have to purchase a bus pass after all for today. It is refreshing to know there are nice people out there. Very few and far between but they are there.

Other then that today is BORING. I am at school at the moment "working" on schoolwork. I've gotten a couple of things done but now I'm just bored. This week is the last week plus Monday for this term. Since we have Memorial day off, we have to make it up next Monday. I just want to be done with school. My mind is finished with it. I am burnt out. One more term after this and I will be done with school for awhile. I am still trying to decide if I want to finish my bachelor's degree or not. Maybe by next June I'll be more enthused about the whole matter. I am already signed up to come back, and I'm sure I will end up back and finishing my schooling. Its just that right now I'm so overwhelmed.

I don't even really know what else to type here. My brain is fried.

Love & Peace