Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Morning...WHEW!

So about mid morning I took Wyatt down for a potty break. There were two sheriff cars in the parking lot of our complex, talking to about 15 or so of the residents. I asked one lady what was going on and she said that someone had thrown dog poop in the pool and the manager refused to clean the pool, besides take the poop out, and yet wouldn't close the pool. {When Mary and I went to look with other residents later, there are still remnants of poop in there}.
I went back upstairs and told Mary what was going on. We left Wyatt upstairs and went down to hear the rest of the story. The manager has marked cars that have passes to park here, to be towed. The other day he put a note on everyone's door that everyone has to clean every thing up, including things like welcome mats, ash trays, and things on the deck that should be OK to be there.  This note on top of everything else is setting people here off. Along with the poop incident, someone has been throwing piles of cigarette butts on the grounds around the property, and I'm sure more is about to happen. Someone put a note on everyone's door today about the manager and the pool saying they are going to be calling Health and Human Services tomorrow morning, which I think is a good thing.
Mary and I moved in here April 2009. This is the fourth manager we have had since moving in here. It seems like every manager they get, the complex goes farther and farther down hill. I don't know where the owner finds the inept managers but he needs to start looking somewhere else. He is not finding any winners.
The thing that worries me the most is that its going to go so far down hill, that it will go out of business and we will be screwed out of a home. We don't have money to go anywhere else right now.
So that is the extent of this morning.... which leads me to my next blog.

Love & Peace

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