Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Since today is the first of the month, my old bus pass is invalid, so I had to scrounge up change for the bus today. When I went to get on the bus, the change machine was broken so the bus driver couldn't give me a pass and told me I would have to get a pass at the Max Station. So I said ok and sat down. This girl next to me who was getting off at the next stop, reached over and handed me her bus stop. I offered to pay her for it and she said no that's ok I'm getting off up here anyways. So I didn't have to purchase a bus pass after all for today. It is refreshing to know there are nice people out there. Very few and far between but they are there.

Other then that today is BORING. I am at school at the moment "working" on schoolwork. I've gotten a couple of things done but now I'm just bored. This week is the last week plus Monday for this term. Since we have Memorial day off, we have to make it up next Monday. I just want to be done with school. My mind is finished with it. I am burnt out. One more term after this and I will be done with school for awhile. I am still trying to decide if I want to finish my bachelor's degree or not. Maybe by next June I'll be more enthused about the whole matter. I am already signed up to come back, and I'm sure I will end up back and finishing my schooling. Its just that right now I'm so overwhelmed.

I don't even really know what else to type here. My brain is fried.

Love & Peace

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