Monday, January 17, 2011

My Last Week...

So this last week has been the most stressful week of the month so far. And this is how it went...

To begin with on Wed, I called into work because I woke up feeling like crap. By the afternoon I had started to feel fine again. Thursday morning I woke up and again felt like crap, but went to work. All day I felt horrible and had flu like symptoms (to put it nicely). No puking though. Thursday night I had class so went to school hoping I could stay for class. I decided I felt to horrible and wanted to go home but remembered that we had guest speakers. I talked to my teacher and he said to stick it out if possible because otherwise I would have to find someone else to interview on my own time. So I decided to stick it out...

Since I was still feeling like crap Thursday night, I decided to call in sick  for Friday. The way I was feeling I didn't want to chance that I might still be sick Friday and decided to just take it off.  Mary also wasn't feeling well so she also called in sick for Friday.

Because I had to stay for class Thursday night, I decided to drive over to Target (which is right across the street) to get some "feel better" items. I got into the car and it wouldn't start. I pretty much knew it was the starter since we'd been having a few troubles with it starting for awhile.It had always started but sometimes it took some extra UMPH. So I called Mary to come down (she was in the computer lab). We went in to the LRC to look up places we could take the car too and have it fixed. This lady was in the LRC and overheard us. She said she would call this guy, D who knew a guy who could probably fix it. She talked to him and he said he would call the other guy. She gave us the first guys number and we called him. The second guy, E, said he could do it Friday, we would just need to get the part. So we said we would talk to him on Friday.

D said to try and get the car jumped. So one of the faculty came out and we tried to jump it. It was right before class though and we had to hurry, so didn't have it sit on the battery. We couldn't get it started. The lady who we had talked to suggested for us to get permission to leave it at the school overnight. So I went and got a typed permission thing to put in the dashboard.

I had been talking to this one guy, S, who is in my class. He said it sounded like the battery. After class I went and showed him what was going on. He still swore it was the battery. While we were looking at the car, and 5-6 other men came over to see what was going on. One guy tried to jump the car with his motercycle. While we were standing there Mary came out of class with her teacher who said he could try jumping the car with his older diesel Rolls Royce. So he pulled his car around and put the cables on. He sat with them on for a bit, and then went to start it. He got it to start right away and then told Mary its the starter because he had to turn the key three times quick to get it started. So we were able to drive home.

Friday morning we got up and talked to the guys who were coming to help us. We also priced the parts we needed to get it fixed. Since E was the guy was going to fix the car, we talked to him most. We found out that we not only did we need to try and get the car to run so we could go pick up a part but we also needed to pick them up at the bus station. E asked us how much we wanted to pay him and we weren't sure how much something like that ran. He quoted us $200. We didn't want to pay that much because one of the repair places we had called the night before had thought it would be about $200 parts and labor. I told E that was a little out of our budget. He said "well tell me how much you can pay." I said what about a hundred? I could tell right away that was too low for him. I said $150? He said that was fine. The part we found was $72 plus core.

So we went down to the car and tried to start it. It didn't start the first time but then I thought I'd try what Mary's teacher did. It started right up. We decided that since it started and we wouldn't have to tow it that we wanted to check out at the repair place I had to talked to the night before. So I called E and D and told them we couldn't get the car started (yes I fibbed a little) and needed to have it towed a little. These guys were desperate to try to get my business. Mary called the auto repair who said that labor would be $80 and the part was $78 plus the core. Total that up and it is A LOT cheaper than what we would have had to pay the guy who said he would be a lot cheaper than an auto repair place.

So we took the car in and got the starter changed. While we were there, we told the guy about the guy who was going to help us. He said, "He's a scam." I never really thought about that until he said that. Even though the little part was a little dishonest, I am glad we didn't go with them.

We figured that since the car was getting its starter fixed, we would also take it in for an oil change. Paid over $100 there. But she needed it, so it was worth it. She still needs some work and a deep tune-up, but she already is running a lot smoother.

Saturday Mary still wasn't feeling good and I was over-exhausted from the week so we didn't go to school.

Sunday we decided to do some deep cleaning. The kitchen is cleaned, bathroom spotless and laundry done. We went to take the laundry down and wanted to leave Wyatt upstairs but when we opened the door, he escaped out without his leash on. I had to go down after him but he doesn't come when called and just kept running away. There was a lady and her girl (about 6 yrs old) walking by and he went chasing after and barking at them. I called him back once and then he did it again. He would come towards me but stay just out of reach. Did I mention this is also on a busy road with traffic flying by? He finally came to me and I grabbed him and took him upstairs. I put him in the bathroom (where he sleeps at night) for a time out.

The Wyatt thing really upset me because I didn't know what to do to get him to come to me. Then he's running on the edge of the road and chasing a little girl who he has probably traumatized now. Mary came down and went towards Wyatt the second time he went after the girl. The mom had picked the girl up but after Wyatt came back to me, Mary said the mom kind of laughed. Like that's gonna make the girl feel better. I'm surprised the mom wasn't upset or something...

So that is my stressful week. I work today 4-7, which is usually my day off. Mary is sick again today. So I'm a little stressed because that means our next two checks will be small and rent will be due.

So I'm glad to get all of this off my chest. Sorry for my rant.

Love & Peace

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