Monday, December 13, 2010

Potty Trained?

So last night after I went to bed, I came up with some ideas to blog about. I came up with about 5 or 6, so will just do one at a time until I've got the list finished. I'll do one a day but possibly not every day. It will just depend on the timing...

So our dog Wyatt is mostly potty trained except for mostly on the weekends. We got a pet gate that we put up in the doorway of the bathroom and put him in the bathroom with his bed and water while we are gone or at night. As soon as we come home we take him out for a potty break and he usually doesn't have a problem. On the weekends though it is a different story...
We get up in the morning and take him out and he is out of the bathroom most of the day unless we have to go somewhere. We take him out every couple of hours for a bathroom break. Yet sometimes an hour after we've taken him out, he'll pee on the carpet. It doesn't make sense how  during the week he is fine but on the weekends while we are home, he has a problem.
One thing is that we haven't figured out how to teach him to go to the door to tell us when he has to pee. Besides the old way of sticking their nose in it (which I won't do), I'm not sure how to train him not to pee in the house and let us know. We have started watching for signs and when he starts wandering and sniffing we take him out. This last weekend though we did that but a couple of times he barely got up and then did it. So there aren't always clear signs that its about to happen.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Love & Peace

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