Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PLEASE, let me sleep!!!

So before we got our dog Wyatt, our cat Elijah would start to wake me up anywhere from 3:30am to 8am until I got up to feed him. I would try my hardest to ignore him but it usually didn't work. I'm a very light sleeper so the slightest movement from him (usually by my head) would wake me up. I didn't like to feed him until at least 7am but usually 8am. If I fed him too early he would still pester me. A lot of times I would get fed up with his antics and shut him outside the bedroom. He then would scratch on the door. His scratching was a lot easier to ignore because it wasn't right in my face.
Since we've gotten Wyatt, Elijah thinks its neccessary to wake me up as early as 1:30am. This is usually only an hour maybe two after I go to bed. I wasn't getting much sleep before but now its even less.
This morning about 3:30 or so, I finally took him out to the kitchen and shut the bedroom door so he couldn't come back in. Because the bathroom is right next to the bedroom (where we keep Wyatt at night), Elijah didn't scratch on the door and I was able to get some sleep. Wyatt and Elijah haven't learned to get along yet so Wyatt barks if Elijah comes near or out of hiding.
I feel really guilty that I locked Elijah out of the bedroom. Since Wyatt and him don't get along yet, he spends most of his time in the kitchen on the fridge or in the bedroom. When we are gone, we lock him out of the bedroom because his litter box is in the kitchen and he won't go past Wyatt to use it, so goes all day without going to the bathroom. We are blessed that he hasn't tried going in the bedroom, but I want him to have access to the litter box just in case.
So because we lock Elijah out of the bedroom while we are gone during the day, I feel bad that I locked him out in the middle of the night. That is his space and room since the dog has come along.
I know I need sleep and that he will need to just deal with it but I still feel bad not letting him sleep by us. So whats more important? The cat or my sleep? 
I have tended to always worry about the other person, or animal instead of myself, my whole life. I need to stop doing that and take care of myself instead of always taking care of everyone else.

So this is my rant for the day...

Love & Peace


  1. Hi RaeAnn,

    I don't think you should feel the slightest bit guilty about locking Elijah out of the bedroom. Your sleep is far more important than his peace of mind. He'll get over it, believe me!


  2. Hey RaeAnn! It's Shannon from Pixie! :) I think the cat will be fine locked outside your bedroom as long as he has access to another comfy place to sleep and food and water. Eventually he'll figure out to adjust to your schedule, but cats always have a hard time with things like that.

    Also, I can hook you up with another litter box (free of charge) that you can put in your room when your gone so the cat doesn't have to walk past the dog or hold it. You can always take it out at night time (or wake up to that fun smell!).

    Also also, I'm sure Amy would have some good tips about Wyatt's weekend peeing(if thats still an issue). Remind me to ask her about it for you! (Remind me about the litter box too, as I will definitely forget! My 3rd grade teacher said I'd forget my head if it weren't attached to my neck,lol).

    See you tomorrow!