Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Time!

So it is now a couple of days after Christmas. The last couple of weeks have seemed so busy even though we are out of school and only working. I wonder where the time disappeared too.
My Partner M, and I had a fairly relaxed Christmas. We went to the Portland International Raceway Christmas Eve and saw the light show with M's son P. Then after dropping him off at his home, we came home and opened our Christmas presents. We didn't got to bed until 3am. Then Christmas Morning we didn't do much. Christmas afternoon, we went to a friend of ours and joined their family. We had a good dinner and relaxed in the hot tub afterward. We left the evening early and were home by 10pm, going to bed by 1030pm.

Earlier in the year we had gotten some things we each needed and wrapped them from "Santa." Then the last month got a few gifts for each other that they didn't know about. It was nice to have a few things we needed and then to get some special stuff we didn't know was coming. It made Christmas exciting. I enjoyed getting the things we knew about because I always feel guilty buying stuff for myself even though I know I need it. I feel like the money should be going to bills instead of random stuff even though I need it.

My family in Wisconsin, also sent a box of stuff to M and I. It was fun to open it. I would have to say the best gift was from my brother J, which was a framed photo of him in his Football uniform. He's such a handsome fellow.

My aunt and I also plan to get together and exchange gifts and some point this week. 

So that was about all that happened this year. Nothing too exciting, just a nice relaxing day.

Love & Peace

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  1. yep... sometimes you just need to buy underwear!!! : ) or some such necessity of life!