Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nap Time Yet?

So I was going to actually blog about one of the topics off my list, but am too tired to think that seriously. Last night was another night of not enough sleep and a pestering cat. I did at one point shut him out but it seems to have been too late. Then before my partner and I had stopped at Subway before coming to the school, my blood sugar was going down and so I now am too tired with no energy. I have eaten but my blood sugar is taking too long to go back up. I am not diabetic but definitely feel the blood sugar level going down when I don't eat. Then when I don't have money to buy snacks for my breaks at work, it becomes a long time between breakfast and supper.

So since my mind is shut down for the day (and yet I have to sit through 4 hrs of class), I am logging off for the day. I will write more later.

Love & Peace

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