Monday, March 21, 2011

There Should be a Catchy Phrase Here....

I have found that its really hard to come up with titles to my blogs when I am writing about multiple things. So I try to be random there instead.

So today is the start of the new term. This term I have Transportation Security, The Criminalistics of Cybercrime, Policing Techniques: Interviewing and Interrogation. I am hoping this term goes a lot faster then last term did. Last term felt like three terms in one. I was so glad to be done with it. Two more terms and I graduate. I cannot wait!
Mary graduates this coming Friday. I am so proud of her! She has done really well and I think even surprised herself at how well she did.

Every morning Wyatt wakes me up about 7am. Usually I get up, take him potty and then go back to bed for an hour. I am feeling like that extra hour of sleep makes me more groggy feeling. I am thinking about trying an new thing. I am thinking that when he wakes me up at 7am, I'll talk him for a walk around the block  and then just stay up for the day. If I am working and going to school that day, I'll be up for the full day. If I have the day off, I may choose to take a little nap later in the day but can decide that when the time comes. I'm thinking if I get up and go for a walk in the morning before work maybe I'll be more awake and with it. We took a walk today in the afternoon at a little faster pace then usual and I feel a little more energetic then usual. I am also thinking I might start taking him for walks around the block in the evening too. That would give him and myself two walks a day. Maybe I'll even sleep better too. 

So my New Year's Resolution/Life Change didn't last long. It was getting questionable before Florida but was definitely gone once we went to FL. Today we went to Subway and I got green tea instead of Soda so at least that was a healthier choice. Gotta work on those choices I keep making. It helps to have a dog because I have a reason to go walking regularly. Its hard to make a life change when your partner is with you on the change. Its hard to feel motivated to eat crackers or nuts instead of a bag of chips when she is sitting there eating chips. I know that may sound like an excuse because I don't know if it would really be easier if I was living alone. I might still be making the same choices. I know I was in the past. Maybe things would be different now that I'm older and more mature, I don't know.

This is also my last week at my job location. I will be transferring to the other location of the dog daycare. I hear its a nice atmosphere there and I am hoping I will have a better time there. Thursday will be my last day and I can't wait!

Well I've got to head to class.

Love & Peace

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