Thursday, March 10, 2011

What To Title This???

So this post is going to be about a bunch of things, like most of my posts do. Anyways I wasn't quite sure what to put as a title.
So we finally finished the term. I ended with two A's and a B+. I am overall happy with these grades. I wish I could have gotten a third A but this term was so stressful and then going to FL, by the end I just wanted it to be over with. I am hoping next term will be better.
On Sunday March 6, 2011 Mary's Mom passed away at 345am. She called in Monday and Tuesday and then I called in Tuesday and Wed from work. Tuesday night we went to a couple of movies and out to eat to kind of get our minds off things. We saw Gnomeo and Juliet, and Rango. We ate supper at Red Robin. I know some might think that going to movies is a weird way of mourning but I really think it helped Mary that night. I would say Gnomeo and Juliet was the better of the two movies. Rango was ok but felt really slow and long to me. Now I can say I've seen it but I probably wouldn't go back to see it again or purchase it when it comes out on DVD.
We have been working on progress with Wyatt and Elijah. We have started to bring Elijah out when we watch TV at night to sit on our laps or next to us. Wyatt sometimes will growl or try to bark at him but Elijah doesn't run anymore. We are trying to get them used to each other being in the same room. Hopefully this will help their acquaintance.
I was thinking there was something else to talk about but now I can't think of anything to say. I'm tired and exhausted from work today. Finances are stressing me and I don't think I have fully de-stressed from school and working on getting all my homework done on time yet.

Well that is all for now. Will write some more later

Love & Peace

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  1. Huge congratulations on your school work. WOW! can't beat those grades.
    I am sorry to hear about Mary's mother. There are many ways to grieve. It's too bad our culture does not seem to acknowledge that.

    Red Robin! YUM! love it!