Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FINALLY! Its February!

This has been the FRICK'N longest month EVER! I feel like its been six months not one. I am really not sure what made it feel this way but this term has been hard. Maybe its the other stuff going on in my life right now (I can't blog about it right now). Maybe school and work and EVERYTHING else is taking a tole on me. I just want things to go back uphill instead of continuing downhill.

I really want to go to bed, pull the covers up over my head and just sleep. FOREVER. Hide from the world and all the people who try to pull me down all the time. Why is that I'm constantly fighting the battle with people. I don't feel I've done anything wrong and yet people think they can walk all over me. Than when I try to say something or stand up for myself, I am the bad person and get in trouble. Do I just attract this type of people or is there something wrong with me?  And how do I consistently stand up to these assholes without always getting in trouble? Someone told me the other day that people don't talk to them that way because they don't let them. So how does a person get this type of a backbone? How do you NOT let someone talk to you that way?

This term has been hard and I've felt lazy. I was able to bring my GPA from a 3.33 to a 3.47, last term. Now this term I'm afraid my GPA is going to go back down. I've done pretty good on the the papers I've turned in but there are a couple that have been late. And I'm never very good at quizzes. I don't do bad but I don't get 100% either.

I just want this term to end already. The month is FINALLY over so that's good. Maybe now that Feb is here, I'll be able to look forward again.

And I need someone to talk too. To just sit and talk too and let everything out but I don't have anyone like that. I've thought about going back to a counselor but that costs to much money for the person I want to see. So deep, down inside it goes, until it all explodes.

It is now time for bed... Tomorrow is a LONG day of work and then school. I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays the most.

Love & Peace


  1. Hey,there is nothing wrong with you! Especially in regards to the work stuff. I work with her too (sorta) and I find it very frustrating. She's really power-hungry and controlling, and she's like that with EVERYONE, except her boss who she kisses ass to. At least I have the capacity of being passive aggressive since she's not my supervisor!

    Hopefully you can find something else that brings something to your life instead of takes away from it. Until that happens I think you should try to document all the things like the episode you wrote about last time with the dog fight. If you can try and write down all the times that you brought something to her attention that she ignored and then a problem arose, that is ammunition against her (and her managerial skills) for whenever you may be able to use it.

    Also, I would love to chill with you sometime! I know we have super different schedules, but maybe one day after you close we could go to Starbucks or the bar and talk for a little while. Your schedule is way crazier than mine, so let me know what might work for you.

    PS. You did not miss out on anything when my coworker and I went to the bar last Friday, turns out she was meeting some people there (that I didn't know about which I think is totally rude,kind of a pet peeve of mine, I think if you go out with someone you should tell them if others are coming!) and they ended up catching up on her entire family and it was not very fun...!

  2. Oh! On another note, I wanted to tell you about this slow cooker recipe Troy found over the weekend, you guys are still using your crock pot, right? Anyway, if you like buffalo chicken wings, it's a recipe to make buffalo chicken wing sandwich, but since it's in a slow cooker it's more like sloppy joes (only buffalo style). Go to www.allrecipes.com and search for "slow cooker buffalo chicken sandwich." That will bring up the recipe.

    If you don't like spicy (or buffalo type sauce), then no worries, I just thought I'd share it. I looove chicken wings! :)