Sunday, April 8, 2012

Much Needed Update

Hello All,
   I hope this finds you happy and well!

   As of the middle of February, I am single. The first of March I moved to my own place. Since the car I was using for work was Mary's, I moved within walking distance of work. Its about a 15 min walk to work which isn't bad. I could use some extra exercise anyway. The first week living alone was hard, but I'm figuring things out and actually enjoying my own place. I was definitely ready for a place to call my own. Since moving back to Oregon in 2006, I rented rooms and then lived with Mary since 2009. I was to the point, that if I had to have another roommate, I'd go crazy.
    Mary ended up following me and lives right next door but we are trying to work it out, neighbor wise. It is all about setting boundaries and knowing when I need to close the door and step into my own zone. This part is hard as I've always been the person to please not disappoint. Over the last few years I am learning more and more that it is ok to say no if I feel it is best for me.
      I am still working as a transport officer though tomorrow I will be starting the process of looking for new work. I plan to go sit at Shari's and get a bite to eat and work on my resume. I would like to send it out to at least a few places tomorrow and then continue the process until I find something better. I would like a job that has consistent, stable hours. No more of this oncall 24/7, pager shit. I am still disappointed that the hours are so frustrating because I still like the work itself. Benefits would also be a plus. I am thinking about looking into hospital security or 911 Dispatcher work. I will still see what is out there and see what else I can find.
        I am also a new aunt. This is my first time being an aunt so I'm pretty excited. My parents are looking into trying to get me out to Wisconsin to meet the baby. I am hoping it will work out. While there I will hopefully be able to meet up with one of my best friends, M. I haven't seen her since I moved back to Oregon, though we do Skype a lot. She is one of those friends that even if you don't talk for awhile, you can pick up right where you left off at.

       I am so excited about my new life ahead of me. I feel ready for the changes that need to be made in order to better me, my life and the future. I know there may be set backs but they are only temporary. Like my aunt told me recently, "you have to fix the mistakes from you past before you can move to far forward." I don't think that was the exact wording but that was pretty much what she meant. Hopefully I will be able to update this more often too as I've been kind of slacking.

                   Love & Peace

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  1. WOW! You have had some very major changes since we last talked. Good going, my friend.