Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why I HATE Summer...

I hate summer because I hate the heat, humidity and don't even like the sun that much; but the big reason I hate summer is because of all the spiders that hang around. They are everywhere and it causes me great anxiety every time I go for a walk outside around trees or bushes.

Where I live there are this spiders (that are not real big, but still creepy) that make their webs from the tree branches down to the ground. You can't always see the web until you are walking into it. Whenever I go outside I feel like webs get all over me. Since I have a dog who needs periodic potty breaks I have to go outside. I usually end up having to walk him by bushes and trees at some point if I want to take him to a grassy area.

This morning I took Wyatt out one last time before I left to head to the school. One tree branch had at least three of these hanging spiderwebs with spiders in the center. I know I walked through a part of one and felt creeped out because of it. Then I went up our stairs to get into our apartment and went to open the door and this huge spider jumped from the ceiling above, outside the door. Luckily I saw it out of the corner of my eye and pulled back. It was a big brown or black spider (it blended with the carpet). I stepped on the nasty thing (to put it nicely). Then I was just completely and utterly disgusted and my anxiety really went up. Usually when I get a spider on me I have to go take a shower to get rid of the anxiety. I couldn't do that today because I had to get going so I could get out to the school to work on stuff. Walking to the bus I felt anxious the whole time. Now I've calmed down for the most part but still feel it a little bit.

So now you know why I hate summers. Why I LOVE the fall and spring time and actually don't mind winter in Oregon (where its not below zero weather).

Love & Peace

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